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Ceci est le site de démonstration de MediaShop, un système de vente de logiciels et de médias pour Joomla!

You can access the back end of this site and experiment with the configuration. The database is automatically restored to its default state every hour on the hour, so nothing you change is permanent. If you experience any problems, please contact us here.

If you have a PayPal Sandbox account you can try out the entire purchase process. You cannot use a real PayPal account with this site, or pay with a real credit card. To prevent spam, no emails can be sent from this site.

To login as admin, go here, and use the user-id "demo" and password "demo".

There are two download links you can use to download files from this site:

This link can be used to download products from the Example Group.

And this link can be used to download Sunset Pictures.