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This site is not an example of how to build a media sales site. Rather, it tries to show some of the ways that you can use MediaShop to sell your products. Your site should only use a small number of the techniques available in MediaShop. We encourage you to keep your site simple and easy for visitors to use and navigate.

You can see many more examples of pages and buttons generated by MediaShop on our main site, here.


MediaShop comes with its own CSS file, which controls the appearance of its various elements. This site uses the default CSS styles installed with MediaShop, but if you know a little CSS you can easily change the styling to suit your requirements.


MediaShop is fully, natively, multi-language. You do not need any other software to make a multi-language site with MediaShop.

This site is not fully multi-language. It only demonstrates the multi-language capability of MediaShop. We are not fluent in either French or German, so the translations are made with Google and may not be perfect. We have not translated the articles or menu items here. If you build a multi-language site for your business, those things can be translated using the standard multi-language features of Joomla.

The MediaShop translation interface is very easy to use. Everywhere you configure any text, language tabs appear so that you can enter the text in all of your site languages. MediaShop automatically uses the correct translations for the selected site language. It also remembers the site language for each transaction.

Site Templates

MediaShop is a well-behaved Joomla Component, and should work in any well-behaved Joomla Template.

This site uses a very simple Joomla Template, to show you MediaShop in a neutral, "no frills" format. You can download this template if you want to. It's free, comes with a selection of top images, and has easily customisable text and colours. You could use it to get started with your own site and then switch to a different template later.

There are many Joomla Templates to choose from, ranging from free to expensive, and from simple to very complex. Our preference is to keep things simple, but the choice is yours.

Other Extensions

MediaShop should happily work alongside any other well-behaved Joomla extensions. Unfortunately not all Joomla extensions are well-behaved so we can't make any guarantees, but the situation has improved over the years and today we rarely see compatibility problems.

This site uses our Simple Responsive Menu Pro to provide the responsive menu system.

How to get MediaShop

Thank you for visiting our demo site. To return to the MediaShop download page on our main site please click the link below.

Thank you for looking at MediaShop.

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